SebecTec IPTimelapse Webcam


 SebecTec IPTimelapse IP webcam automatically takes pictures from your IP camera or read .jpg images directly from a website to upload, archive and make a time lapse video from them. It can also be used as a stand-alone time-lapse tool with many unique features.  Great for construction time-lapse projects, weather stations or long term time-lapse projects.  Has archiving, on image local weather and Lat/Long sunrise/sunset on/off option and more.  Windows XP, 7 and 8 compatible. For your security and trust IPTimelapse by SebecTec LLC is digitally signed software.

5-day full-function trial. Scroll down for the download.

$49.00 USD After purchase, a license key will be sent by email to activate the software. 


  • Read IP cam, any .jpg website image or from a jpg file, archive and upload images to your website - Start a new instance for control of up to 12 cameras
  • Easy scheduled time-lapse video creation - set and forget.
  • Add local weather to your image (temperature, wind, rain) from NOAA or personal weather stations on weatherunderground
  • User manual available Fall 2014
  • Example of what you can do with SebecTec IP cam:
  • Tall Timber Lodge, NH
  • Carrabassett Valley, ME

Download IPTimelapse Webcam v2.5.9045 for XP, Win7, Win8

See here for detailed list of program features
  • Important: See below for camera snapshot setup info.

    Features added April 10, 2015:

    -.9041, Corrects sunrise/sunset option for daylight savings -.9037, Updates to rtsp capture -Updated Wunderground weather support -Updated rtsp capture -Added support to "capture" jpeg images as they appear in a watched folder. Thus you don't have to talk to the IP camera (or any camera) directly if the camera can send images to a folder. When a new image appears in a folder IPTimelapse will process it as if it came directly from the camera. Access this option under the Help menu. -Added option to backup/restore settings file. -Update Sunrise/Sunset to include daylight savings. -Update to RTSP image capture. Generally you should use the http jpeg snapshot command provided by your camera manufacturer. As an alternative you can now use RTSP with IPTimelapse to capture image frames from your IP camera. RTSP is verified working with Ubiquiti Aircam and Sharx IP cameras. -Added Starlight tab page for image stacking to average or sum images.                             

    9005: Added Sunrise/Sunset capture On/Off based on Latitude/Longitude and separately for time-lapse video production. 

    $49.00 USD After purchase, a single user license key will be sent by email to activate the software. License is valid for use on a single computer 

    To read from an IP cam locate the http command to capture a single JPEG image snapshot for your camera. Or now with version 9020 use an RTSP string for your camera.  You need something like this:

    Axis - http://IPADDRESS:PORT/axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi

    Sharx - http://IPADDRESS:PORT/snapshot.jpg

    Foscam - http://IPADDRES:PORT/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2&usr=[USER]&pwd=[PASS]

    Exception: With Ubiquity Aircam set the camear to operate as http (not https). Enter the IP address and port number in SebecTec as follows: http://cameraIP:port

    Snapshot commands vary from camera make and model.  Search the web for your camera snapshot command or contact Mike at for help.

    • Software  $49.00
    • Time-Lapse
    • Watermark
    • FTP Upload
    • Image Processing
    • Brightness, Contrast
    • Color Saturation
    • Sharpening
    • Text on Image
    • Auto Thumbnail
    • Sunrise/Sunset Table